Kobco Ysterberg Mastiff

Breeders of the Ysterberg Mastiff


Welcome to Kobco Ysterberg Mastiffs. We are Kobus and Corrie Nieuwoudt, and we are breeders of the Ysterberg Mastiff. We live on a 2 hectare smallholding in the south of the Gauteng province of South Africa. The space allows us the freedom to let our dogs run around in a pack and live a happy life. It is very rewarding to watch these wonderful animals run around and play as a group. It allows us the opportunity to constantly monitor their development, condition and behavior.



Our mission is to breed true working dogs that is healthy and has the ideal temperament. Although they must be loving pets, they must also be guardians and be able to perform the function of a true working dog if called upon. Because of this our dogs needs to be well balanced with excellent movement. 



Our Vision is to establish the Ysterberg Mastiff as one of the leading working dogs in the world. To enable us to accomplish this each mating is carefully planned by studying the pedigrees and history of both parents. We are looking specifically at the temperament, health and working ability of both parents and their ancestors. We are trying to improve with every mating that we do.



We believe in being ethical and honest with every prospective buyer of a puppy. We will never sell a dog to another breeder that we are not prepared to use in our own breeding program. All buyers are informed of all potential problems upfront, and sign a contract that not only protects both parties but most importantly, protects the dog.